SyncMate build 5422 times)
SyncMate build on: September 18, 2009, 02:27:45 AM
This build is looking good now.   It seems like most of the problems have been ironed out.   Only a few niggles are left, as far as I can see (but I would suggest people post any more problems specific to this build under this topic).

One small bug that I have found is that when creating an iCal event, or changing an existing one (without any notes) on the mac, after syncing, the corresponding appointment on the WM device will have a Note field that is not empty.

It is true that, when using the default WM Calendar application, it is very difficult to see this.   However, if you use an alternative calendar application like Pocket Informant or Agenda One, you will see a little note icon on the appointment.   How is this annoying, you may ask...   Well, if you use one of these applications day-to-day instead of the limited WM default calendar app, and you edit at least some of your appointments on the mac, you end up with lots of appointments which appear to have notes.   You won't know which of your appointments have real notes and which ones have the phantom notes that get added on the WM device side of the sync.   You have to open each appointment on the device, to see if it has a real note!   Annoying.

Eltima you're doing a great job.   Please keep up the good work and fix this bug!   :)


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