Serial Splitter 4, data thru redirected port is slower than direct connection?(Read 6698 times)
I downloaded Serial Splitter 4 to evaluate.  Eventually, I would like to use bluetooth to control test equipment via serial ports.

One test equipment software package I have only allows COM1 and COM2.  I can't seem to get bluetooth to work with those ports (a long story).  So, I decided to try a port mapper or redirector, or splitter? to solve the problem.

With Serial Splitter I got it to work - sort of.  Its a little confusing.  So, to keep it simple, I decided to get the bluetooth out of the way and simply redirect com2 to com1 and see what happens.

If I use my normal com port COM1 and the program, every thing is fine - been doing that for years. For the amount of data I want to transfer (from meter to notebook) it takes about 2 seconds.

When I use Serial Splitter to redirect COM2 to COM1 it also works.  But, the data transfer rate is much slower (about one fourth the normal speed - takes about 8 seconds to complete the transfer).

I'm running XP SP3 and a notebook (2GHz, 1 Gig Ram).

Is this normal or is there something(s) I should be looking into?

I think the meter uses 9600, 8, N, 1.

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