"Event Type" will not synced between iCal and Google Calendar using SyncMate(Read 6271 times)
Hi all,

I've set up my Google account with SyncMate and have an odd issue if I tell it to sync my Google Calendar both ways with iCal.

It tells me that there are 88 events which will be modified. When I look at the details of the an event there are before and after buttons to click on.

When I examine what is on the Before and After displays the only difference that I see is a line missing "Event Type: Timed Event" from the After button.

I've looked inside Google Calendar, iCal and on my WM device, which is where the event originally came from, but I see NO place where I tell it what type of an event it is. I'm assuming Event Type is either All-Day or Timed, but have no real evidence to that.

Anyone else experience this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Is it really an issue that will screw up things down the road, or nothing to worry about?


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Most probably, the problem is that the events on Windows Mobile device differ from Mac and from Google events, so after synchronization the events are slightly modified, they acquire a standard appearance for all tree sources.
In such cases we recommend to make a backup before synchronization.


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