Serial to Ethernet Connector : SEC service don't start anymore(Read 10472 times)

First we tried the demo software
I already noticed the SEC service do not start automaticaly as expected, but i manage to deal with that a bit later
After a few days of try of the SEC product, We decided to buy one licence.
As I entered the licence key, the software stopped to work.
  • I'm not able anymore to start SEC service, even manualy : it clamed that Error 1053 after a few seconds
  • The software do not start without this service

Please help ! I didn't found any config files to change the delay or having any log to send you the near root cause of this problem.


I kindly ask you to carefully re-enter your registration information. Please, find the detailed instructions here:

Then, please try to start the SEC service once again.

If the problem persists, please send the following to

* a screenshot of the registration window with your Reg Name and Reg Key entered (but before you click "Ok" button) - so that full key is visible - you can make two screenshots to achieve that;

* a screenshot of this product About screen;

* order ID (reference number) for the product you ordered (the one you have received in order confirmation e-mail from the billing operator Element 5 or Plimus right after order placement).


I sent yesterday a message to, with the elements (registration key, "about" screen copy, ...), as suggested, as far as SEC service wont restart, even I re-introduced the keys ....

please, feel free to ask me for more details if needed to solve this urgent problem with the product ...


Thank you.

I have already answered your email.

Thanks a lot for your mail.

the licence key : It was the default, even if the product accepted the truncated, but not functionning.

Have a nice day.


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